howto: change upload limit in php

a recent question on the xibo launchpad page asked for a detailed explaination on how to change the upload limit in php from the default 2mb to something else. i explained in detail on the question, but thought a visual guide would help others out. (click the images for a larger version)

open a terminal window on your webserver and use nano to open /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

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howto: speed up your website; reduce bandwidth in apache

this is a simple mod that you can use to compress your website using gzip which will reduce your bandwidth. this is dead easy to setup in ubuntu. to do so, log into your webserver via ssh or locally if you dont run it headless like me. then enabled the deflate mod by typing the following command:


howto: fix permalinks in wordpress

if some of you didnt notice, there was about a 2 day downtown on my server. i had a power outage one day and i wasnt at home, so the backup battery ran out and the server fell hard. i had numerous errors upon login with no answer to be found.

. . . R E L O A D !

i backed up my /var/www directory, my postfix main.conf file and /Maildir, and my databases. after the os was reinstalled, i uploaded and restored the files only to find out that this blog, and only this blog, was receiving 404 errors on every link that was not the home page. out of the 10 or so sites on this server, this is the only one… ugh.

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